Short Stories

  1. A Haunting Disaster
  2. Honeysuckle Dream
  3.  An Enchanting Escape {A Short Story}
  4. Tick Tock {A Short Story}
  5. Caramel Cocoa {A Short Story}
  6. Protected: The Life Of A Teenage Muslimah {01}


Excerpts of Novels

  1. Lost Memories {Prologue}


Treacherous Hearts

  1. Treacherous Hearts {Synopsis}
  2. Treacherous Hearts {A Tombstone}
  3. Treacherous Hearts {Prologue: A Vengeful Night}
  4. Treacherous Hearts {Chapter 1: Traitorous Feelings}




  1. A Sincere Apology {Poem}
  2. Portable Magic {Poem}
  3. Summer’s Story {Poem}


  1. Connect or Disconnect?


  1. Reckless Rants {1}
  2. Reckless Rants {2}
  3. Reckless Rants {3}

Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think about what I’ve written! I love reading what people think about my work. Both good and bad. Well, the bad bums me, but it helps better my writing skills, so I’m appreciative of it. XD

Happy Reading!