About Me

❝Don’t cry because It’s over, smile because it happened.❞ -Dr. Suess.

This is literally the quote I follow every time I finish reading a book.

Welcome reader-friend,

The weird human being, who owns this blog is an utterly beffundled writer with a myopia for books that has been faux-ly labled with a professorial doctorate in correcting people’s grammar.

Reading way more than any super human probably ever would, she lives with her make-believe hero in a deserted region where books keep her grounded and movies of them boil her brain, but that’s never stopped her from watching them.

In addition to reading like a woman on a mission and writing like her life depends on it, she dreams of one day obtaining a doctorate in literature.

P.S: If you love Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, or Edgar Allan Poe then you have her undivided love and attention.

HR thanks you for stopping by.