About Me

So Hey! I’m HR and welcome to my world of magic and mayhem! (a.k.a  My head)
I’m a crazy and creative teenage girl, with a passion for both reading and writing, trying to find my place in this big book they call life. (But I prefer my story books compared to this one :P)
I have a strange Nescafé addiction (unlike most coffee lovers) and can’t live without it. I also love watching movies, both new and old.

In the TV serial genre; Flash, Poirot and Legends of tomorrow are my absolute favorites. And add a little bit of Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe to the mix and you have my life!

I love all kinds of books, but my favourite genres are romance, mystery, thriller and murder. Weirdly, I also love literature. 😛 (Jane Austen is bae)

But I absolutely do not like Horror. I watched The Conjuring once; I don’t even remember how I lived through the night. *shivers*

To be honest, I love my fantasies and story books more than my real life. Fictional characters are honestly more fun and less gruesome than real life.

So that’s all there is to know about me!

I hope you enjoy my page!
LoTs Of LoVe,