Lost Memories {Prologue}

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People change, Memories don’t.


White. The purest colour, untouched by dirt nor corruption, was the scenery visible on that early Sunday morning. The sky blushed a reddish pink hue, as the sun rose over the horizon, the greying clouds making way for the upcoming work of art. The snow drizzled lightly, as the young woman listened to the whispering of the trees as the leaves rustled in the wind. She watched the others, who had started skiing down the slopes, but one particular girl caught her attention.

“Amanda; sweet moves!” she shouted enthusiastically, skiing over to the girl with the bright pink parka that matched her pink and breathless expression.

“Thanks! I take after the best I guess!” Amanda replied the pinkness on her face turning into a pretty red blush.

She glowed. “Nah, I’m not that good, you’re a way better!”

“Says the person who always seems to have finished the hardest of tracks in a matter of seconds!” she retorted, flashing her trademark dimpled grin.

She rolled her eyes, and bowed low in mock appreciation, laughing.

“Don’t boost her ego Amanda! Hannah will get a bloated head!” said a booming, masculine voice that echoed when he laughed, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“Oh Shut Up Reggie!!” both the girls retorted, bubbling with laughter.

Hannah waved goodbye to the man and woman and steered away from them closing in on the end of the mountain slope, arriving at the edge of a dense forest. It was magnificent. Skiing on the Alps was a dream come true. She knew that Juju would have loved it. She always had a knack for picking the best slopes. How many years had it been? Six, seven? She couldn’t remember. She thought about the woman who’d actually, brought her here. She needed to thank her although she felt that something shady was going on.

She soon realized that she was heading deeper into the forest, away from the familiar slopes she’d acquainted herself with the past few days. She knew that she had to turn back quickly as it was becoming darker, due to the overhead canopy. They would be leaving in a few hours and she didn’t want to miss her flight. Her finals would be in a few weeks and she hadn’t finished studying.

She stopped skiing and turned around to go back, she knew the way back pretty well, hopefully. She was wondering whether she really, had everything packed and ready when, suddenly, a tall, bulky pine tree lunged forward and ton of snow burst forth pinning her, painfully to the ground.

“HELP!!” she screamed but her voice was muffled under the immense amount of snow. She felt pain coursing through her left end up to her thigh. Her breathing became ragged. She felt the warm blood enveloping her legs. The branches had scrapped her body harshly, and she felt the blood trickling out of her wounds. It felt as if life itself was seeping out. The pine tree had fallen on top of her, and was crushing the very breath out of her lungs. She assessed her injuries, after all, wouldn’t that be what a doctor would do? She would have a bad fracture but it wasn’t fatal. Her arms lay lifelessly beside her, as tears welled up in her eyes. Her head was fine, except that she was under a lot of snow. Then she felt a huge ‘thunk’ on her head. Someone had hit her with a massive object that felt like Mia, Thor’s hammer. The pain sent her head into a throbbing rage and her skull felt shattered. She let out an agonized scream, as she dazedly tried to open her eyes, but they were screwed shut.

There was no way she could be saved now, she was going to die. Someone hit her again on the same place, her head was becoming all woozy, and she knew she could no longer be able to survive the torturous assault. Her throat burned from all her screaming and she felt as if she’d lost her voice.

She heard rampant breathing. The person had to be at least forty, at the sound of his breathing patterns. He was pretty strong, as he wielded the hammer like object expertly.

“It’s very cold out here. Is she dead yet?” she heard a faint shivering voice ask, as she started losing consciousness.

“Yes.” Replied a gruff voice.

Being harshly assaulted by a person, was one thing, but something way worse was that she was being murdered by a person she knew.



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