Treacherous Hearts

Sometimes it’s the person who you’d take a bullet for that ends up behind the gun.

By sixteen, May Summers thinks her life is flawless.

With the perfect boyfriend, perfect family and perfect friends, she has a ‘perfect’ life. Anything she wanted would be given to her with the flick of her finger. She even had a wonderful uncle who cared for her like his own daughter. She was the apple of everyone’s eye.

She was literally living the proverbial dream.

What happens when the love of her life, the bad boy who had seemed head over heels in love with her betrays her?

And that too by murder.

He turns her whole life upside down, by his uncharacteristic yet treacherous betrayal. Her heart is crushed; and her beautiful world crumbles to pieces, while he disappears into the silent darkness, never to be found again. Or so it seemed.

She’s left to pick up the shards that are left of her and piece them back together, all alone.

And ten long treacherous years later, what would happen if he came crashing back into her life with an intensity stronger than fire?

She had brought him to her home, her heart, her abode. She had showed him her weaknesses, and he had brutally slaughtered them.


You are about to board a nerve wrecking, ear splitting, mind blowing, eye opening yet heart shattering roller coaster with no seat belts.

At All.

Hold on Tight!

His heart lurched painfully. He wanted to console her, to put his arms around her and take all the pain away. But how could he when he was the one who caused it?


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