A Sincere Apology {Poem}

I’ve done many things that have enraged you,

But I’ve apologized for only a very few.

So this apology is to say I’m sorry

For all my wicked follies that made you worry.

I’ve done many wrongs, which have led to many fights.

Many a time, I’ve crossed the line.

I’ve bugged you with my sarcasm, overused my rights.

I’ve even pointed out your faults instead of looking into mine.

But you’ve never stopped loving me,

Despite all the things I’ve done wrong.

You’ve never stopped caring for me,

Although at times we don’t get along.

You are my inspiration, my eyes one cynosure.

You’ve always managed to brighten up my day.

Throughout my childhood I’ve given you seizures,

And headaches have always reigned your days.

My regret is like a cyclone,

A raging tempest, engulfing me in guilt.

I know I’ve broken your heart, when you speak in that tone.

Please mum, forgive me, for I’ve made your heart wilt.





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