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Reckless Rants {3}

failed my exam in some subjects but my friend passed. Now he’s an engineer in Microsoft, and I’m the owner.

              -Bill Gates

Exams. They are the most crucial yet frustrating moments of our lives. Especially, the twelfth grade board exam.

It’s  not just the pressure that our family or relatives put on us, there’s also a sort of pressure we put on ourselves which is indirectly fed by a strong will of wanting to do better than our friends.

And then we have all our family and friends wishing us good luck and people who we rarely speak to, coming up to our parents and saying “Oh your daughter is doing the board exam this year right? Best of Luck, do well okay?”

I even had one of my neighbours who didn’t know me come up to me, when i was on my way back to my apartment, and ask me which grade I was in. When I told him I was in grade twelve; he said; “Oh, crucial year right? Are you studying for the exams? How is it going?”

 Not that any of these are bad things, they are all very sweet and kind things and we should really appreciate them. But it also puts an invisible kind of pressure on you that says, “They’re counting on you, so you better do really well!”

And sometimes, you just want to throw your book aside in frustration and say, “I can’t do this anymore. This is crazy!”

But you can’t. You have to keep that book, firm in your grasp and stuff  all that information in your head and try your best to push away all the evil stressful thoughts trying to capture you in their cold grasps.

But it truly is crazy! I mean come on, this is just an exam. It’s not going to be the most defining thing in your life is it?

Apparently, to most parents it is.

(I’m happy that I have parents who don’t pressure me, too much. Alhamdulillah 😆)

But that doesn’t mean you drown yourself in studying, especially at the last minute.

This is definitely not the time to burn the midnight oil, especially the day before the exam, because trust me that will never work. All it does is pour another bucket load of tention on you and you might actually start feeling sleepy during the exam, which is a certainly worse fate.

This rant is probably stressing you even more. That isn’t my intention. All I want to say is, facing a tough board exam doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Yes, do your best. But don’t let that pressure get to you. That stress sends you down, not up.

For all those doing the board exam (which is currently in progress 😥)

May the odds be ever in your favour!




3 thoughts on “Reckless Rants {3}”

  1. Take it easy dear. Exams are just one step in your life. It is not your whole life. There is much much more to it….
    Have faith in Almighty and do your part. Leave the rest to him. He knows what’s best for you.


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