Portable Magic {A Poem}


A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places, without ever leaving your chair.

There is a wonderful land,

Where everything is like a breeze,

That blows your troubles away,

And brings a smile to your face.

The number of pages doesn’t matter,

The beautiful words resonate forever.

The story so overwhelming and pure,

Emotions are thrown all over, but you must endure.

Lying on the grass, looking up at the sky,

Book in one hand and a light in the other,

Enter another world, while others lay in slumber.

The symphony of crinkles surround you,

As each page takes you on a rollercoaster,

Your feelings go up, down and all around,

Never will you be the same, ever again.

The stars twinkle like silvery spots,

And the words on the book dance across.

Eyes droopy, sleep an overwhelming force,

Sleep overtakes you, in a shattering dose.






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