Short Story

Tick Tock {A Short Story}

Ohana means family, and family means no one get’s left behind.                                                                 ~Stitch

She felt the pain of the words attack her heart like a thousand shards of glass ripping at a fragile piece of flesh. It was worse than any pain she’d ever felt. Not only did this pain crush her soul, but it tore her into a thousand tiny pieces that would fall apart every time she picked them up, as if they were destined never to be fixed.

Cold blooded fear. That was what she was feeling. It coursed through her body like a cancerous being flooding her system like a hoard of wasps and consuming it and leaving in its wake a pile of rubble she had called her emotions.

Because that was what it was. Cancer.

The doctor left the room for her to collect herself. He couldn’t bear to see any of his patients in such a distressful state, especially one who had been so jolly and happy. She was like a kindred spirit to all around her. She had reminded him of his own daughter, but the difference being that his daughter was not dying.

He decided that she needed some time to process what he’d just told her. She could take as much time as she wanted. But that was one thing she was running out of, because she hadn’t realized that her clock had been ticking. But now it was too late.

The news had rushed in like a whirlwind, causing havoc into the quiet, organized life she was trying to live. Now all that was left of her straightforward, well planned life was a scattered mess.

She looked out of the window, the sunrays dancing among the clouds. The sky seemed limitless, quite the opposite of the options she had left.

She’d made a million mistakes. Her first one being neglecting her family. How would she correct them now? She felt a pang of guilt crush her already dying heart. Her voice cracked and she broke in to a sob.

She’d wasted her beautiful life. Eighteen years washed down the drain. She’d always been the popular one but not necessarily the kind and generous one.  She always picked her friends over her family. Then the world grabbed her attention and wove its way to her heart, capturing it and holding on to it. She followed her hearts destructive choice and its implications wrecked her family life like a tsunami.

She’d left her family angry and saddened at her decision, but when she kept ignoring them they had resigned, disheartened.

This was her punishment for her reckless behavior. She was never going to be able to finish college. Never be able to fall in love. Never be able to hold her baby’s fingers, never see its pudgy fingers reach for her face, never watch its first steps. Never grow old with her husband and spoil her grandkids.

All these thoughts hit her like a tornado, striking her off balance. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed. The sky outside had turned gloomy, reflecting her mood. Then it started to rain. And as the salty tears rained down her cheeks and drenched her hands, the drops of water soaked the land.

Maybe this was her chance to set things right. Maybe this was her chance to correct all her wrongs. She had to use what was left of her life in the best way possible. She looked at the sky, a small ray of sunshine trying to weave its way through the clouds and a determined smile cracked upon her swollen face.

But she had to do it fast, because her clock was ticking and the end was inevitable.


Another short story, from me to you! I hope you enjoy it!





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