Reckless Rants {2}

Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. It’s just to say I’ll miss you, until we meet again.

The transition. That second when you realize that soon, your childhood will be ending and your adulthood is about to begin is not only one of the most invigorating moments of your life, but also one of the saddest.

A procession of students in long black robes gathered, all walking single file down the steps to the school hall. Their stomachs over flooded with butterflies and mouths turned up in wide smiles, they trek down the aisle towards the front rows to take their seats. The teachers take the stage, ready to give out momentos to the Michelangelo’s they had slowly and assiduously chiseled out. The lights dimmed and the program began;

If you guessed graduation ceremony, then you’re absolutely right. Being one of the most defining moments of a students life, it is a day filled with mixed emotions.

Just yesterday was my graduation. 😆 Although our smiles of happiness and excitement overpowered our tears.😁

Isn’t it amazing yet absolutely crazy that you can look back on the past year and realize that hundreds of things have changed. Be it small or big. Friends may have been lost and new ones gained. A crystal chandelier filled with everlasting memories that lights up your life and makes it whole was created. Maybe even a few lessons were learnt on the way to the new fork in your paths.

For; yes, now we come to the forked path. Are we too about to take the path less traveled by?

Our school lives. They were filled with so many memories. The terror of walking up so early in the morning. The persistent teachers who used to abuse us with their never-ending assignments and truckloads of homework.

Those tricky moments during class when you discretely communicate with your friends and get caught by the eagle eyed teachers. Those beautiful moments when you try to hold in your laughter but you can’t because you having so much fun. And then those heartbreaking moments amidst all the fun, when you realize in just a year you will all have to part, and will never be a part of the every day lives of your friends ever again.

It’s hard to imagine that the people we saw practically every single day of our lives are no more going to be there. Going away to university, everyone will  be starting a new journey, making new friends and making more memories; without you.

Yes, it’s saddening. But the bright side of it is that you and I will not be forgotten. No matter what, if your friendship is strong, you will always come back to each other.

What else are school reunions for?

One day, in the far, far future you will remember the days of your childhood (and narrate them to your loved ones of course) and smile nostalgically.

For those who have crossed or are crossing that bridge from childhood to adulthood;

“Growing old is compulsory, however growing up is only optional.”

And for those still young and in school. . . .

“Enjoy it while it lasts!”

I guess now I understand why Peter Pan never wanted to grow old! I can’t believe seventeen years of my life are completely over! Never to be experienced again.

I wouldn’t go back in life to change anything, I think I would go back just to experience a few things once again





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