Reckless Rants {1}

 Never confuse being loved and needed for being used and wanted.


Sometimes, in this reckless world that’s filled with hurdles beyond our comprehension, you come across a situation when you put your heart and soul and attempt to do something you’ve always wanted to do, and people take credit for what you did. You’re not given the appreciation you rightly deserve.

This usually happens in a case of group activities where the leaders usually get the credit for the work all the work the entire group does, even if he or she barely contributed.

But sometimes it’s not all about the credit that you obviously deserve. It’s about the sense of satisfaction you get while you do it. No reward can ever measure up to that feeling of accomplishment. Who cares about everyone else? You and your near and dear know what you have achieved, so what else do you need?

If you feel sad, think of it like this. Now you’ve learnt your lesson. You’ve been tested and are now stronger than before. You won’t be so gullible next time someone asks you to partner up with you for a project that you know you will end up doing or helping your friend out with an article she ends up getting praised for.

It could even happen to your closest friends. One day you could wake up and think, “What has she ever done for me?”

When in reality all she’s been doing is using you and when’s she’s done, shell toss you aside like a used up rag doll.

Don’t be like that. Screen your friends harder, see who are the ones who are actually there for you.

And a lesson for the other party, the ones who use and take up all the credit:

Don’t be so mean!


I’m a very messy ranter, I know. Well, enjoy!

Lots of Love,



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